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Playing Clue with your family on a Tuesday is fun, but planning a Clue Mystery Game Night is an event! Make it special using this special storyline and invitations provided by Ready Set Plan.

Someone smashed the Million-Dollar Cupcake and we've narrowed it down to just...

Nothing like a good mystery to get the brain going! Create your own fun by incorporating these ideas into your week. Ready set SOLVE IT!

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Play Board Games


Let the Games Begin! Ready Set Compete your way throught the week. What family competitions are you looking forward to (besides the Great Unload the Dishwasher Race and Fold the Laundry Relay)? You'll find instructions for hosting your own Summer Olympics in 4 Easy Ste...

There's nothing like cool thoughts of winter to provide you with a break from the hot, hot summer...except a for a pool and not everyone has one of those. 

We are well past the halfway point to the holidays, but what should that stop us from dipping our toes into that p...

Ready Set COMPETE: So you want to start a family competition? How about making it your own backyard summer Olympics? Here are just a few things you can do that will make your competition just a little more special. Follow these easy steps.

1. Have competitor choose a co...

Supers, ASSEMBLE. We all have the power within ourselves to do the impossible, to defend what's right and to save the world. Harness your inner super hero this week and do great things!

Free Ready Set Assemble Ideas and Shopping List PDF

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Ready Set Celebrate the independence of America, the Fourth of July. Ideas and inspiration below the image. 

Planning PDF

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  • Take inventory of all your red, white and blue decorations, flags, plates, cups,...

Ready Set ALOHA, it's time for Island Life! Fill Aloha week with Hawaiian shirts, pineapple and sealife. And adults, it's time to up your tropical cocktail game. Don't disappoint me!

Free PDF Ready Set ALOHA Ideas

Free PDF Planning Sheet



  • Order Supplies ne...

Enjoy this free printable for planning your weekly activities! 

How is your plan looking? We've decided to use Monday mornings to plan out each week. Here's how we approached it.

1. We divided the day into three parts: Morning, Lunch and Afternoon. The planning sheet inc...

Week 2 - It's Jurassic Week

Welcome to the world of Jurassic Week. Find your road map here, which includes links. The same content without the links is listed below. These are just ideas - tailor the fun level to your family. And do as much or as little as you want! 



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