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Ready Set Make It Monday Tip: Bake

Raise your hand if baking is the last thing you have time for? Not true. It's just not true! Did you know boiling noodles doesn't use the oven? So, plan your cookie project on a night when you're watching your noodle pot boil. Also, get out that mixer and have it handy all season long. No need to take it out and put it away.

While you're taking out your ingredients for dinner, keep with that theme and take out the baking supplies. I started keeping my key ingredients in a bin that I store in my pantry. This way, you're ready to go.

Then get to work! You are already in the kitchen, right? Turn on your oven for the cookies, and your cooktop for the water. Start dumping your cookie ingredients in the mixer. Mix. Check your water. Add noodles. Mix more cookie ingredients, and so on. Wait to bake your cookies after you've had your dinner. It works for me. Give it a try!


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