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Media relations is one of our favorite ways to convince the public that what we're telling them matters. In some cases, the message is more serious, but when the subject matter is fun, well, we strive to convey excitement to the viewer so that it will result in an action.

Ready Set Share

2015 Winter Promotion | go.


Winter tourism is explored in this piece with KARE-11 News’ Melissa Colorado and Meet Minneapolis, who promotes winter activities to the 400-mile drive radius. The weather does not intimidate travelers from the region. 

2014 MLB All-Star Game | #askMPLS


In 2012, the Meet Minneapolis team earned the win for host city of the 2014 Major League Baseball All-Star Game. Based on trends and shifts in tourism, I led an initiative to establish a social media command center for the the Mid-Summer Classic. 


We partnered with Spong PR to answer questions posed using the #askMPLS tag, as well as engaging with visitors who appeared to be new to the city. In the end, we connected more than 60 of our partners to visitors who gained what they needed via Twitter. And we gained the proof of successful conversions!

Inside the #askMPLS Social Media
Command Center


In this interview, it was important that the soundbite they selected impressed upon the viewer that the Social Media Command Center was established to serve the All-Star Game visitor by connecting them with attractions, hotels, restaurants and service partners. 

The Business of Selling Minneapolis


In this interview from July 2013, I needed to communicate the importance of industry learning through first-hand experience. A team of Meet Minneapolis employees traveled to the 2013 MLB All-Star Game in New York City. It was important to communicate to viewers (and to our stakeholders) that traveling to an high-cost event was important and valuable to our organization so that we could be successful in hosting the same event the following year. It pays to have a plan based on what you've experienced. 



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