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Ready Set Use the Force

Jump to hyperspace and travel back to a long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away. We call could use a break from this planet, so take a virtual trip to Tatooine or Jaku, you choose.

How do you make your week like your own Star Wars adventure? Use the force and add these ideas throughout your week!

What to wear

Wear all the Star Wars things. If you don't have Star Wars attire, consider DisneyBounding! Have you ever heard of DisneyBounding? This is a fun activity for any Disney fan. There's no reason not to dress like your favorite Star Wars Character. It's basically taking a color scheme and adding an accessory. Of course, you can always get your Halloween costume early or make your own! See a few ideas below.

What to watch

Why, Star Wars movies, of course! What is your official order of the movies? Do you marathon in the order of release dates, or watch in chronological order? If you don't have the time for a marathon, make it a movie night!

What to read

A few years ago, our 5th grader needed a person to research for her Wax Museum project. She chose Carrie Fisher, for her fame as Princess Leia and for her activism with mental illness. Surprisingly, there is not a lot of content written about Carrie Fisher, except for her own memoirs (which, for a 5th grader, was some pretty heavy and often times inappropriate stuff). So, this momma read a few of Carrie's books and redacted as much as I could with pieces of post-it notes (LOL). That being said, "The Princess Diarist" is one of the most intersting accounts of motion picture history I've ever read. It's all about the auditions of Carrie Fisher, her "interactions" with Harrison Ford and the innocence of these young adults amidst the making of a space adventure turned global blockbuster. Grown ups should READ IT!

As for the kids, it goes without saying that there are thousands of books about Star Wars, so I invite you to explore the genre for yourself. Barnes & Noble has a great website for researching books. Many libraries are doing curb-side pick up so check your local library and see what you can check out for the week.

What to do

Let these ideas be just the start to your Star Wars celebration, and May the Force Be With You.

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