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12/2 Wrap It Wednesday Tip: SORT

Here's my Ready Set Wrap It Wednesday Tip of the Day: SORT your gifts. You can't wrap what you don't have. 🎁 Sort today. Now. Before bed. Honestly, take 20 minutes and gather all of your impulse buys and online purchases you made for the holidays up to this point. If you are like me, those gifts are tucked away here, there and everywhere. Find them and SORT. 🎁 My method? I assign a bin, a box or a basket for each person. Then I start sorting gifts and stocking stuffers in the bins so that I can see them. I did this today (which is early, I know) for two reasons: 1). I usually sort my gifts about a week before Christmas and that's when I discover I am short on gifts, or that I over bought. 2). I might not have time for last minute shipping or errands given the current state of the pandemic. 🎁 Look at me, planning ahead. It's almost like it's what I do!


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