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Have-Fun Friday Tip: Do Fun Math

Fun is not cancelled. Find the joy in the little moments and make it special by adding a December twist.

A few weekends ago, we had a "Girls night." We put on our Christmas jammies, turned on a Hallmark Christmas movie and watched it in bed while drinking hot cocoa (and I didn't event make the cocoa!). It was a night I won't ever forget and it cost us nothing.

Make a list of the things you (might) already do, and add a December twist for FUN.

  • Breakfast + new Christmas jammies = Pancakes & Pajamas (send invites LOL) **

  • Spotify + Christmas music you love = Create a Family Holiday Song Playlist

  • An evening drive after bedtime + hot cocoa = Christmas Lights Tour *

  • Lunch + Wrapping paper = Surprise Holiday Lunch for your office mates and distance learners

  • Board Games + Antler Headbands from the Dollar Tree = Reindeer Games with your Quaranteam **

  • Comfort items + your neighbors = Creating Holiday Care Packages

  • (For the mommas out there) Chardonnay + Bing Crosby Movie = White Christmas Movie Night

  • Salsa, Guacamole, white corn tortilla chips + leftover holiday paper plates from last year = Festive After school/Happy Hour snacks

  • Friday + Holiday tee shirt & accessories = Fun Friday at Work/School **

  • Pizza + Ugly Holiday Sweater = Family Ugly Sweater Party **

* This is an idea that you could do with extended family or special friends: Meet at a designated location and have one car be the leader. Call the other car and put them on "speaker" so you can all be "together" from a safe distance!

**These ideas are things that are easily executed over Zoom. Invite your extended families, special school friends or double date with friends! PLAN YOUR SOCIAL TIME. It is important for your mental health!

With this math lesson, you can apply this formula to your own family activities and traditions. I have faith in you - you can do it.

Do you need any help fine-tuning ideas for your own family? Please send me a DM or text, give me a call. I would be happy to share my ideas, help you to tailor them to your family and friends and get your December off to a great start. My gift to you!


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