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Ready Set Wrap It Wednesday: Box It Up

Ready Set Wrap It Wednesday Tip: BOX IT UP. Pre-box and label all of your gifts before you start wrapping.

Gather the following items (this step took me two minutes): --Tissue Paper --Sharpie --Boxes & Box Fillers (air pillows, etc.) --Packing/Gift Wrap Tape --Sorted Gifts (Hopefully, as lingering packages arrive you are sorting your gifts into the baskets and bins for each person. If not, head back to last week's tip SORT.)

Head to your box pile. I'll show you mine #sorrynotsorry (side tip: I keep the boxes in good condition and recycle everything after Christmas - @tmd_mn loves this #nohedoesnot).

Match up your gifts to the boxes. Once the gift is neatly packed in the box, seal it up and write a name on the outside of the box. Move onto the next gift - rinse and repeat. I tend to box gifts one person at a time so that I'm not mixed up.

I have wrapped MANY gifts over the years out in the open and in front of the recipients this way. And, if everything is already concealed and packed, you can recruit other wrappers in your house to help you! This was especially helpful as a mom with young kiddos. It's hard to hide in a room for hours just to wrap gifts. Then, when I really just wanted to sleep, I was up late wrapping, inevitably on a night when the kids didn't fall asleep right away. (Or, maybe you do want to hide and wrap gifts! Ready Set Plan Your Wrapping Night in a Locked Room with Wine )

As the gifts continue to be delivered, put your boxing supplies in a bin near your front door and box it up - get it ready for wrapping right away!

If you are the gift bag type, then it's time to start BAGGING. Match the bag to the gift, wrap gift in tissue paper, stuff and tag! You'll be steps ahead of the rest of us that have an affinity for wrapping paper and bows.

Truth be told, I do a little of both. It just depends on the gift.

The way I see it, it's Dec. 9 and I'm already steps ahead! I'm looking forward to having a few gifts under my tree BEFORE Dec. 24 this year


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