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Ready Set Share It Tip: Treats

After many years of wanting to do this, I finally put together a treat basket for my delivery people. I've seen this done over the years, but I have been receiving more deliveries this year than ever before, and I thought it was about time.

It's easier to do than you'd think. I went to the pantry and found an assortment of treats and drinks, and put them in an extra basket. If you don't have an extra basket, then take an Amazon box and fold the flaps into the box. Wrap it with your favorite wrapping paper and DONE. I used a frame from Ikea for the sign and tucked it in the basket among the treats.

Please download your very own copy here:

Copy of Ready Set Plan Homepage
Download PDF • 167KB

Download Delivery Sign + Food Services:

Thank You Delivery People
Download PDF • 232KB


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