DIY Halloween Masquerade Parade

Since Trick or Treating might be a BUST this year (thanks, COVID), join forces with your neighbors and orchestrate the best costume parade EVER through your neighborhood.

Step One: Identify your parade route

I called the city to be sure that we weren't in violation of any laws. Turns out, since we're just walking, a parade isn't a problem. However, depending on how elaborate your neighbors might get, you may need to specify. In our neighborhood, wheels are okay, as long as they are not motorized.

Step Two: Communicate

Text, call, make flyers, create a Facebook Group - whatever it is that you do to communicate with your neighbors. In our case, I made flyers and recruited a few neighbors to help me communicate the message.

Step Three: Get your costumes and decorations ready

Sure, you won't be welcoming Trick or Treaters to your doors this year, but it doesn't mean you can't still have that spooky Halloween spirit. Get out of your covid funk and change up your environment with some decorations.

Step Four: Parade

Here are a few tips I've shared with my neighborhood. They'll want to know what to do and how to enjoy the parade themselves!

  • Dress up in your Halloween Costume.

  • Set up your chairs in your driveway or front yard. Get festive and decorate!

  • Select one family to start the parade. When the last parade unit passes your house, jump in line (leaving at least 6 feet between you and the group in front of you).

  • The walk is about 20 minutes.

  • If you do not want to walk, please watch the parade! Parades need specatators (you can dress in costumes as well).

  • No motorized vehicles.

  • Smile and wave to your neighbors!

  • When you return to your house, take a rest and watch the rest of the parade.

  • PLEASE: do not pass out candy during the parade. We know it'll be tempting, but restrain yourself. Supply your own candy for your own parade unit and spectator sections.

Now, get out there an make some magic today, and you too can bring a little fun to your neighborhood.

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