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Ready Set Plan Planning Sheet

Ready Set Plan Your Summer Planning Sheet

Enjoy this free printable for planning your weekly activities!

How is your plan looking? We've decided to use Monday mornings to plan out each week. Here's how we approached it.

1. We divided the day into three parts: Morning, Lunch and Afternoon. The planning sheet includes an evening bucket too!

2. The girls came up with something to do in the morning and the afternoon.

3. We planned out what to watch for each day. (Yep, we're watching TV every day - at least some of the things are educational).

4. Our family is doing one family movie night each week. The girls are in charge of the event... picking the movie, making the tickets and planning the snacks.

We planned out the week, but maybe you and your family are just going to pick a day, or one activity (or nothing at all, and that's a-okay too). Some kind of structure outline works for us, so that's what we're doing.

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