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Ready Set Wed

Ready Set Plan specializes in planning experiences of all shapes and sizes and for any and every occasion. It's more than an event, it's an experience.

What do you want to experience? And what do you want your guests to experience? Let's put our heads together while enjoying a warm beverage, and discuss your event, travel or photo needs that are keeping you up at night. The first Coffee Consultation is complimentary. Our treat!

EVENT EXPERIENCES INCLUDE (but are not limited to):

  • Pre-Wedding Celebrations - You might call them "showers," but we call them the Celebration before the Celebration. If you are hoping for more than tuna salad in a lovely family room for your "shower" then we are the planners for you. Pinterest provides excellent inspiration, but "amazing" is only defined by what YOU envision. Share our contact information with our family members and we can help them!

  • Bridal Excursions - Does this event call for a road trip? Even a quick weekend away can be an undertaking (so have your Maid of Honor give us a call!)

  • Guys Adventures - We can provide your Best Man with a variety of ideas that reach far beyond the typical Bachelor Party (have him give us a call, too).

  • Wedding Rehearsals - If you are getting married in a location other than a church, who will run your rehearsal? Our services are available so that your officiant isn't handling that portion of the night - and firming up the plan the day before will get you off to your wedding rehearsal dinner much faster!

  • Wedding Celebrations - THE BIG DAY! Often times, the reception site comes with your day of planner - and that's awesome - but who is organizing you and your ideas before that day arrives? We are here to help!


Looking to take your bridal events to another destination? I specialize in Walt Disney World properties, and my favorite places...Minnesota and Scottsdale, Arizona. However, with 20 years of experience in the tourism world, I can navigate any destination and recommend amazing experiences for you and your travel companions based on your style and interests.


Not to be ignored, photography is a passion of mine but even I'll admit, I am not the "Pinterest Perfect" photographer. I capture real moments and imperfections. But with planning as my cornerstone, I am a great resource for photography consultation when it comes to your day-of planning. Have you thought out your photography needs for the day? Who needs to be there and when? I can help with those logistics and make it so that your day is more about you and less about "I'm here the for the photos, where do you want me?"


"Amanda DePhillips has planned many events with me and on my behalf...for church groups, instructional groups, women's groups and social occasions such as weddings, showers and special remembrance days! Her professionalism is top notch and the personal touches she bestows create connecting moments." --Cheryl Smoczyk, Teacher | Forest Lake Area High School

"I feel so fortunate you were willing to join the [Rock the School House] team, you are amazing! We deeply appreciate all you did to make this year's event so successful. Look forward to future collaborations!" -- Heather Meyer, Executive Director, Mounds View Schools Education Foundation

"The pictures look AMAZING. Thank you for taking the time to meet with us on Sunday!" -- Heidi Robinson, Parent and Photography Client

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