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Gather Around the Table

Thanksgiving. Or as I like to call it, "The Super Bowl of Dinner Parties." We host every year, and our guest lists varies from five to ...25. Yep, you heard me, 25 guests. And my two rules: 1. Everyone sits at a table and 2. Everyone gets to use real forks. You can see my other blog post about Thanksgiving tips and tricks for hosting a lot of people, but here, I wanted to share some of the table decor and place settings I have captured over the years. I am excited to add a few more new designs this year!

Orange and Copper This combo is my favorite, and I love having

Grandma's antique salt and pepper shakers on the table.

The rich fall colors all work well together, so mix and

match what you have (or what you find at thrift stores).

Melamine Plates and Acrylic Glassware

This kid's table has an owl theme, which was perfect since

all of the melamine and acrylic is a different color.

And, if you have colorful chair ties, it'll work with the

eclectic color scheme.

...and a Chocolate Turkey Lollipop.

Mayflower Brown and Golden Delicious

Loved this table! The place cards prevent fighting over who

sits where. The fruit is part of the meal, or dinnertime art.

Label the paper cups and water bottles with a Sharpie.

Thanksgiving for the Disney Fans

Use your Magic Bands as Napkin Rings, Travel Mugs for

Beverages, and use any other Disney items, like these

Mickey and Minnie Salt and Pepper Shakers.

Star Wars Thanksgiving Table

By far, the most popular table in hosting history.

There was a war, and the teenagers won.

Glow sticks make excellent napkin rings.

Orange and Gold

When my favorite garlands start to fall apart, I simply

add them to the napkin ring display.

Crystal and More Crystal

My loved ones before me loved their crystal. I bring

it out on Thanksgiving and their memories are with us.

Pine-y and Woodsy

Pine trees are pretty and green. I saved a few of pear

centerpieces from our wedding. They are so festive (and also green).

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