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The Magic of Disney Characters

I plan Disney vacations. And for me, a Disney vacation is all about the magic and the stories you carry with you long after the trip is over. 

Disney magic is everywhere, but it's all in the believing. A young Disney-fan-friend of mine was recently challenged with her belief in Disney Magic. She was told that Disney was for babies. I wrote her a not back and said, "Well, then I must be the world's biggest baby!"

My favorite source of Disney Magic are the character encounters.  As a planner for Disney vacations, it is a top criteria in the planning process. I ask my clients, "How important are character encounters?" If they rank high on the list, then they are easy incorporated into the plan. 

The magic, however, cannot be planned. It lies within the experience itself. 

Case in point, my girls and I accidentally happened across Pooh and Tigger in Epcot in the UK. We had not set out to find them, but there they were! We walked into their sweet photo space, and the stuffed-with-fluff friends each hugged one of my girls. I was a total 5th wheel so I said, "Hey, what about me?" And I became a Tigger-Pooh sandwich. Meanwhile, my husband couldn't find us so he found a pint at the Rose & Crown Pub instead. 

Sometimes the most favorite memories of all are those you never intend to have! 

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