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Gratitude Board

In trying to connect my family during this time of COVID, I created a Gratitude board so that they can leave their notes of thanksgiving and words of encouragement. Any supplies I didn't have I was able to order online and have shipped to my house.

Supplies needed: Magnetic surface (cookie sheet, old IKEA magnetic board) Adhesive Contact Paper of your choice Two (2) rolls of 3M Adhesive Magnet Strips Bananagrams (Game) - this game has more letters than Scrabble Scissors

1. Cover your magnetic surface with the contact paper. 2. Cut magnet strips to the size of one letter tile. 3. Peel off adhesive backing and affix to letter tile.

4. Make your messages

Simple. Easy. Done. Now go make something!

4. Spell out your gratitude!

This idea was brought to you by Amanda DePhillips, Ready Set Plan.

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