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Do-it-Yourself Summer Olympics

Ready Set COMPETE: So you want to start a family competition? How about making it your own backyard summer Olympics? Here are just a few things you can do that will make your competition just a little more special. Follow these easy steps.

1. Have competitor choose a country. Don't let your kids know they are learning world geography in the summertime by asking them to do a little research, but it can be part of the fun. Take it up a notch by finding a special tee shirt to represent your country, or visit to purchase an actual 3'x5' flag of your country. It's a real bargain at just $3.50 per flag.

2. Have each competitor make a dish, dessert or beverage from their country. Assign each competitor a day during the week that they should have their recipe ready OR designate a night when all of you will serve your featured recipe. Don't make it too complicated, easy does it! You can find all kinds of ideas on Pinterest.

3. Have each competitor choose a game or activity to add to "The Games." This way, every member of their family is choosing something of their skill set. It sort-of evens the playing field a bit. And use what you have. Now is the best time to dust off the Croquet set or set up your Bean Bag Toss game.

4. Utilize the brackets I created just for you! These brackets are available in PDF form.

Print them off and watch my video (below, or on YouTube) for more explanation of how to use them, should you have any problems. I recommend printing one bracket for each competition, so that you can keep track of your progress. Maybe one lunch hour, you can squeeze in a quick game of Croquet with your competitor, and then it rains for two days. You can easily pick the competition back up later.

See? Sounds easy enough, right! Enjoy this time with your family and drop me a line if you have any comments or questions.


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