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Ready Set TWINKLE, it's Christmas in July

There's nothing like cool thoughts of winter to provide you with a break from the hot, hot summer...except a for a pool and not everyone has one of those.

We are well past the halfway point to the holidays, but what should that stop us from dipping our toes into that pool? Here are just a few ideas that will get you going for a week of Christmas in July. And here's my thought...I always run out of time so why not get a BIG headstart!?

Sorry folks, no shopping list this week. My advise is to use up what you've got. I've got about four boxes of mini candy canes and my projects will involve them for sure!

Have fun!

  • Prepare a holiday dinner, complete with your special dishes

  • Use only your holiday dishes during this week.

  • Take inventory of your holiday wrappings, cards, tags. Keep what you like, donate what you don’t.

  • Find boxes and shoe boxes and wrap with holiday wrapping paper so that you’re ready for December.

  • Plot your COVID Holiday Card photo shoot and take a photo NOW so that you have a back up come December.

  • Work with a local artist to have your holiday card hand drawn.

  • Gather your White Elephant gifts early. Put them in a box, mark them as such and put them with your holiday decorations.

  • Create that original Ugly Sweater you always wish you had but never had time to create.

  • Create a list of gifts you’d like to make using a few of these ideas on Pinterest and start creating!

  • Decorate Gingerbread Houses - available at Amazon


  • Disney + (Not a complete list)

  • A Christmas Carol

  • 12 Christmas Dates

  • The Muppet Christmas Carol

  • Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas

  • Disney’s I’ll Be Home for Christmas

  • Snowglobe

  • Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

  • Noelle

  • Hallmark Channel Movies

  • Check your DVD Collection (Our family favorites include:)

  • Disney’s Prep & Landing

  • White Christmas

  • Elf

  • A Christmas Story

  • The Grinch (in all movie forms)


  • Create a Spotify or Amazon Music Playlist of your favorite holiday tunes

  • Dig out your favorite CDs and play them

  • Ask Alexa to Play Christmas music and wait for her confused response


  • Take inventory of your holiday shirts, tees and outfits (holiday attire is usually perfect for warmer weather, in which case, cold-climate folks are adding sweaters and layers over the cute shirts. So break out your sequins and sleeveless cuteness for a fancy dinner one of the nights).



  • Andes Mint HotChata (but I bet this would taste good cold!)

  • Noche Buena Margarita - Epcot’s International Festival of the Holidays (my personal favorite) - you’ll have to do a little testing of your own to get the ingredient quantities right. If you know how to make a margarita, then sub the ingredients accordingly. (Pictured below - the candy cane is really what makes the difference)

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