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Clue Mystery Game Night

Playing Clue with your family on a Tuesday is fun, but planning a Clue Mystery Game Night is an event! Make it special using this special storyline and invitations provided by Ready Set Plan.

Someone smashed the Million-Dollar Cupcake and we've narrowed it down to just a few suspects. Who would do such a thing? And why? Host your very own Clue Mystery Game Night…Who Smashed the Million Dollar Cupcake?!

This theme is a little more kid-friendly than playing a game where the kids are trying to solve the murder of Mr. Body. (Though, should you go that route, may we suggest you pair the 1985 cult-classic motion picture CLUE with the insanely talented Tim Curry and Madaline Kahn.)


First thing’s first: invite your guests. This is perfect for your immediate family in quarantine, or later as a birthday party for friends and family.

Clue has 6 characters. Ready Set Plan added one more character for a little gender flexibility.

Below you will find the invitations for:

Dr. Peach (a Ready Set Plan created character)

The invitation comes with a short biography of their character, instructions on what they should wear and what their props should be.

You should be able to print two-sided to save paper. Print the invites and deliver to your guests.



Tell your guests what they are getting themselves into, even if it's only your family. Here, we placed many of the props of the Clue game, and a few accessories for the guests to use.

Sign and Prop Table


Pull out those battery-operated candles and use them on the game table to set the mood. If you don't have any flickering votive candles, it's time to invest in a few! Amazon has them for a great price.

Set The Mood

Game Supplies - Instead of just opening up the box and passing out the pieces, place a game sheet and the game piece at each place. Use place cards to indicate where every player should sit. Don't forget the pencils!


Find a few things around the house, or at the dollar stores to accessorize your guests. Dig into your Halloween costume bins or your junk drawers. You won’t believe what you will find!


You’ll need to make (or buy) cupcakes for your game night. And since the mystery revolves around a smashed cupcake, you’ll want to be sure you have one extra. Place the extra cupcake on a beautiful plate or pedestal, and guessed it… SMASH IT.


If you really wanted to be silly about it, you could ask all of your family members to go outside and ring the doorbell so that they can be announced.

“I now present Miss Scarlet,” Be sure to read her description from the invitation…

Miss Scarlet's Wedding Cakes have really taken off since perfecting the signature frosting rose on the top on her cakes, but often wonders, "who's my competition now?"

This former ballroom dancer turned baker often wears the color red and loves her red roses, of course. She waltzes her way into the hearts of every bride and groom she meets.

Escort your guests to the “Game Room” or your kitchen table, wherever you have your game set up. Play as many rounds as you have time (or patience) for and then conclude the night with a cupcake celebration!

For more information on theme parties like these, or to have this party personalized for your special someone, please contact Amanda and ask for pricing!

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