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Ready Set Illuminate

When you wish upon a star, you might be able to have a little magical week by channeling some Disney Fun. Not ready for your own trip to Disney World just yet... about you make your week like your own Disney Vacation? With Faith, Dust and Pixie Dust, these ideas will get you through your week!

Let's start with the Resort

If you've stayed at a Disney Resort, then you know that the TV in your room has a channel that plays the day's activities at each park. It just so happens there is an amazing video on YouTube that transports you back to your resort. I love listening to it when I'm getting ready for the day.

Magical Beverages

If you've been to Disney World, you're accustomed to the Disney Travel Mugs. Break those bad boys out and "refill" them all week with your favorite free beverage. How lucky are you!?

Disney Dining Plan

Why should you have to miss out on your favorite Disney Foods?

  • Check out my Pinterest board for links to all of your favorite Disney recipes, many of which have been shared with Disney Fans everywhere since March 2020. My favorite? The Tonga Toast from Kona Cafe at Disney's Polynesian Resort.

  • For your "snack credits," stock upon Mickey Ice Cream Bars (available in Minnesota at Target and Cub Foods); also find some soft pretzels in the frozen section. And don't forget the popcorn!

Theme Park Fun

During the week, celebrate your favorite things about the theme parks each day. Did you now that if you visit YouTube and search "POV DISNEY RIDES" that you can experience your favorite attractions from the comfort of your own living room?

Sample mock-at-home-itineraires include:

Magic Kingdom

  • Talk like Captain Jack Sparrow all day and watch a Pirate's of the Caribbean movie.

  • Create a character-themed meal (you may not be able to dine with them, but you'll be able to pretend you are!)


  • Create your own Food & Wine Festival. Here are your countries, should you choose to accept this challenge - and many more countries are added for the festival so you have an assortment to choose from...An official 2020 food list can be found here, or, you can simplify by getting close enough.

  • Mexico - margaritas, chips and guacamole

  • Norway - Kringle

  • China - Mongolian Beef

  • Germany - Riesling, soft pretzels, brats

  • Italy - Prosecco, pasta, pizza

  • The American Advenure - Sam Adams (beer), Hot Dogs, French Fries

  • Japan - Sushi, Saki, Saporo (beer)

  • Moracco - Baklava, Hummus, Mediterranian Beer

  • France - Goat Cheese, Baguette, crepes, Bordeaux/Champagne (wines)

  • United Kingdom - Fish & Chips, Harp (beer)

  • Canada - Cheddar cheese soup with pretzel roll, Molson (beer)

Animal Kingdom

  • Earn your own Wilderness Explorer Badge - You will need the My Disney Experience App on your phone for this exercise. This is a free app, but you will need to create an account if you don't already have one.

  • Test your culinary skills by creating your own chicken fried rice, just like Yak & Yeti.

Hollywood Studios

Park Attire

As you know, Florida is all seasons, and depending on when you take your trip, your outfits might be thrwarted by weather. Take advantage and create awesome park outfits as you "visit" your theme park. Here are a few ideas:

  • Have you ever heard of DisneyBounding? This is a fun activity for any Disney fan. I have "bounded" as Flynn Ryder and a Batuu native in the same day. I've also been Belle/Mrs. Potts. Basically, you wear the same colors and add an accessory that illustrates who you are. Flynn/Batuu, I wore drab monotone colors and a leather satchel; and as Belle, I wore a yellow shirt with my Chip purse and wore a rose in my hair. It's simple, but fun. Check out my pinterest board for inspiration.

  • Get your Ears On - bust out your Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears and let's go. Disney tee shirts are also a must.

So now that you have these ideas, get planning your virtual magical vacation. (And when you're ready to travel again, I will be here to help you!)

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